sweatpants and whiskey

I don't know whether or not I should apologize for the pictures of the last post. Apologize to my readers for the mildly disturbing green coat... Apologize to his wife for posting them... I can really make no excuses. I honestly had nothing to do with the modeling of said green coat.

On other fronts, I'll finally get that vacation I need. The job ended officially today. The wait for interviews thus commences. I've decided to mark the occasion by myself with sweatpants and whiskey. My friend Chris tells me that anyone who wears sweatpants has given up on life. I've always disagreed, a difference of perspective, really. But when the words "sweatpants and whiskey" appear together in the same sentence it appears as if he might be on to something. Perhaps sweatpants and whiskey sounds a tad depressing to most rational people, but I'm just relaxing.

Go find your own sweatpants and whiskey equivalent.

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