No Quarters to Operate

Does beer really count as dinner? Go back less than a few hundred years ago and some form of beer or ale made an appearance for most meals. I ask this because I'm too tired (read "lazy") to actually make any food in my new house. I've cleaned all day. The apartment is done. I'm out. And I'm having a delicious Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar for dinner. Well, some chips and hummus are involved as well. But the bulk of it is beer. I feel pretty good about the decision.

I loved my old apartment, but my new house will work out swell. I find I like the idea of starting in a new direction from a new place, even if it is the same town. My homies Chris and Becky (Happy Birthday, by the by) are just starting out in a new town. They're in the sort of twiddle-the-thumbs stage of a new place. His recent birthday and new move made him a bit reflective in one of his last posts. I thought that perhaps I might venture in that area, but now I leave the transition riff-raff to him. For now I'd just like to say that even though I'm by no means settled where I'm at, I have beer and clothes in a washer that does not require quarters to operate. Have no fear, the beer and the clothes are not together in the washer. Things are looking pretty good.

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Rachel said...

Beer is food in Germany (dunno 'bout Austria). :) I like to think it's because there's so many calories and it's made from grain and all that, but I suspect it's because of taxes or something mundane like that. Can't wait for the fresh beer!