Snoopy Dance.... errrr, kinda

Am now famous. Expect a call from Dancing with the Stars soon.

Over and out.


good mexican food & snow

I must be home. Last night I had delicious Mexican food. You can't get that everywhere and I've pretty much given up on the existence of good Mexican food in the Eug. sigh

Oh, it is also snowing. I'm sure it will switch to rain by noon, but for now it is enough.


Hug Attaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Stick figure in ink on birthday card.

stick figure hug attack!

tis the season


brick walls

I must confess, I too share KFR's desire to lay on the floor. If I had a turntable I'd involve that in the process as well. Making CDs will have to suffice. Perhaps I'll skip out on the 2 hour marathon potluck at work... but can one then skip out totally? Go have your own nice lunch? It will be Tuesday after all... I could have tacos.... and we all know that alliteration was invented for both tacos and Tuesdays.

In other news, I'm currently engaged in shrinking approximately 5 albums down to my own version of a greatest hits. But this greatest hits list I'm crafting is not the greatest hits album released by the artist. Perhaps it's better to think of it as a Starter Kit. You have to be careful when introducing someone to music. It can't be too earnest. You've got to pepper the mix with some earnest, but don't go overboard. Other issues to take into consideration center on growth and experimentation. You try to show the transition from one form to another if possible, demonstrate that growth and experimentation while maintaining your high standards. But does the Starter Kit work best as a chronological piece? Perhaps group things thematically? Does that first song grab the listener but leave the really good stuff for later? You don't want to go for broke on the first song, after all. Oy.

Maybe I should combine parts 1 and 2 of this post and rent High Fidelity.


Miss S. as cowgirl

She has a bit of growing to do before my boots fit....


a visit

V. is in town visiting, taking care of business, etc. with the fabulous Miss S. Ahem, quote of the morning from S., directed at me: "You mean you're not MARRIED!!??"

Perhaps I should get S. and my grandma together... During my first year of graduate school my grandma did basically ask me if I enrolled in the program to find a husband. No grandma. I did not enroll in the program to find a husband. But thank you for the gentle reminder of the vastly different worlds we come from and the (somewhat limited) progress we've made.


Entertaining Moment of the Day #47

Whilst stepping out of my car to do a little Christmas shopping I saw a girl in the front passenger seat of a minivan completely and emphatically DANCING. Then I heard what she was groovin' on: Mambo #5 by Lou Bega. Bear in mind that I hadn't even closed my car door yet.... I heard the music from a good 15 to 20 feet away and all her car's windows were up, doors shut.

The whole scene made me smile.

That Lou Bega, he makes people do crazy things.


At the moment...

Things I know about myself at the moment:
  • I only need one good, strong cup of coffee in the morning
  • no matter how hard I try, whatever the configuration of events, it takes me an hour to get out the door in the morning
  • I much prefer live recordings to studio (within reason, of course... I'm certainly not going to go out and purchase a live Bob Dylan album)
  • I can be terrible with call-backs. I really do want to talk. I promise.
  • sleeping temperatures in bedrooms should hover around 55-57F (down comforter preferred)
  • some words/terms have particular hold over me: riff-raff, indeed, accoutrement, wee... (and KFR, I have to say that your non-word "mayhaps" is creeping in)
  • I possess the ability to incessantly listen to the same song or album


Seasons Greetings: Schweaty Balls


What a week....

What a week, what a week....

A & J's wedding, Santa Cruz and and the Cool Kids, a pirate ship, flooding, a birthday feast with my birthday compatriot M. and friends (had the burger, thank you), and The Golden Compass hits theaters today. Phew.

A big thank you for the Happy Birthday calls, emails, well wishes, presents, support, friendship, etc. etc. etc. Thank you.

Here's a picture from A & J's wedding, or dinner after the wedding, rather. Both KFR and his homie C. are photographing their delicious food....
camera magic


Day of the Ninja. Day of my Birth.

So, I'd like to wish everyone a happy Day of the Ninja. I think it was fate that I was born on this auspicious day.

em as a wee one