leavin' on a jet plane

The time has come for my Next Grand Adventure (NGA) with the sis. The parental unit just arrived to take us to the airport for NGA and I'm already plotting out my sleeping strategy to minimize jet lag once in London. Woot! So be well my friends. Some thoughts for travels in general:
  • flex and stretch legs when sitting for long amounts of time
  • water water water
  • mentally prepare yourself for bad coffee depending upon destination (I don't hold out much hope for London)
  • stay with people you know if at all possible
  • always pack less than you think you'll need
  • smiles are good, but people (Brits) think Americans are disingenuous anyway, so whatev
  • Orroit Innit?


travel plans and such

BCC Blackboard: trip art
Things of passing interest to pretty much three people:
  • Thinking on KFR's salt predicament makes my heart hurt.
  • I'm starting to giggle like a school girl when I think about my trip (see above photo).
  • I'm not in crazy packing mode for my trip yet, which is actually astounding.
  • I still love Florence + the Machine.
  • If I had a dream of meeting someone on the streets on London, it would be David Gray.
  • If I could steal voices like Ursela from Disney's The Little Mermaid, it would be Annie Lennox's voice.
  • Coffee in the morning is delicious.
  • I no longer judge people who buy decaf coffee. They're doin' what they've got to do to continue to enjoy that delicious elixir of life. I must be maturing.
  • For anyone, like me, who has to use Instant Messenger consistently, I offer unicorns. I'd also like to give a shout-out to "the #1 unicorn and rainbow service worldwide, making websites sparkle around the world."


holy galactica awesomeness

If you ever enjoyed watching Battlestar Galactica, watch this. Now.