Italian Anime Cat and Flare


A toast.....

.... to the cocktail hour. I must admit, I've had the biggest urge lately to dress up in circa 1956 clothing and offer people drinks on trays. I'm imagining some nice, flowing yet slightly clingy silk or chiffon, perhaps the incorporation of ribbon in the hair or decorative feathers. Then, once everyone was liquored up, I'd change into a slimming suit with pencil skirt because I had to go to work... as a spy.

As I don't own a silk, chiffon, or taffeta party dress I've had to settle for my normal clothes during the cocktail hour lately. And, I'm not really the one making and serving the drinks either. I don't even have a tray to serve such things. No matter. R! serves up a mean vodka & tonic if you ask nicely.


It certainly looks like snow....

Well, well, well, it appears as if Mother Nature is bustin' out the big guns before December even arrives! Madness! Eugene Madness!

Happy First Snow Day!


More Stuffing

Last night R! and I had the privilege of being included in a family-of-choice Black Cat Commune Thanksgiving dinner. The entire evening was delightful, and I must admit, tofurky is much better than I expected. Of course, that's probably more a comment on where my expectations for such things lie rather than any inherent tofurky goodness. EM did a great job with the food. Yes, vegetarians/vegans do tend to focus on the sides and all the better for it. The bounty was plentiful. I can now add... I'm over Thanksgiving dinner. I think I've even consumed far more stuffing than is healthy or rational for one individual. The horror.


uhh.... okay.

Direct from one of KFR's links, the entertaining KungFuKitten. I have no idea how to interpret this particular result. Whatev.

You are The Star

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Star is one of the great cards of faith, dreams realised

The Star is a card that looks to the future. It does not predict any immediate or powerful change, but it does predict hope and healing. This card suggests clarity of vision, spiritual insight. And, most importantly, that unexpected help will be coming, with water to quench your thirst, with a guiding light to the future. They might say you're a dreamer, but you're not the only one.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.



Today, R! made the mistake of calling me a "stuffing connoisseur."

"No, no, my friend," I corrected him.

"I am a stuffing tramp."

Oh, by the by, deep-fried turkey is as good as they say.


Because it warrents a reminder...

Happy Thanksgiving!


$2 of fun

Holy crap, the Christmas elves have emerged before Thanksgiving and my own festivities. What cruel marketing world is this?


I'm pleased to report that Crispin Glover tormented somebody else last night.

The picture of Bosco and I helped.


More than just George McFly

I had the worst dream last night... I was chased forever by Crispin Glover.

*Crispin Freakin' Glover*

Thank goodness and all that is holy in this world a torrential downpour began sometime around 5:00am and woke me up.

I have to post a picture of my god-dogger Bosco to feel better about going to sleep.


wouldn't you like to get away.....

Once again, Cliff emerges. That's right people. Cliff Clavin, your friend and mine. I don't know if this is a character flaw or not, but every now and again I channel Cliff. This phenomena occurs regularly enough that my assistant coach in college decided my name was entirely "too nice" for the likes of me and moved on to what she saw as more befitting nicknames. Delicacy dictates that I don't disclose most of these names (read: don't want to give anybody ideas). Cliff is among those I choose to share. So, why bring up Cliff?

Standing in our kitchen this evening, enjoying some tasty-tasty cheese and wine, I explained my love of the term "Viscosity" to R!. Not only do I enjoy the meaning of viscosity and all the different ways you could use the term, I really just like the way if feels in the mouth. Viscous. This is in complete opposition to the way the word "fruit" fits in the mouth. Go ahead... say it out loud, nobody will look, I promise... fruit. Fruit.

I don't know where these things come from people, don't ask me to explain the ramblings of my mind. But there must be other words out there that people object to. In conversations about this very same topic the word "moist" has also popped up. I know I'm not alone in my weirdness, I'm just dumb enough to admit it.



Is calling a 19 year-old (who doesn't necessarily respond well to artificial authority figures) "Bam-Bam" an appropriate way to get said high-spirited 19 year-old to turn down his amp?

Secondary Question: Is repeatedly yelling "Fuck You!" a good follow-up to Bam-Bam?

Wow. We have jackasses for neighbors.

to my history cohort:

I'm sorry. I can no longer go on like this. The guilt is too much.... I don't know how to say it, so I guess I'll just have to just put it out there.

Last night I fed other people my chili. Please, don't walk away. Don't leave angry. Let me explain.....

There was potluck pressure. And I'm ashamed to say the chili came before vast quantities of wine. It wasn't the same, I promise. They actually talked while eating the food. There wasn't the silence of soon-to-be sated bellies. I can read the signs. I know it meant nothing to them, with their high paying jobs that can buy all the fancy foods we could only ever dream of.

I'm weak. There were delicious meatballs and white bean soup. Did I mention the authentic, direct from Chicago pizza? I know, I know. I'm making excuses.

Is there hope? Can we work this out?

The Pizza
... a pilfered image.


The horror.....









For all manner of entertainment....

.... gather your friends and make sure they're armed with their respective yearbooks.

Warning: May result in fits of laughter due to embarrasment over hair, fashion, prom dresses, ex-girlfiends, ex-boyfriends, numbers currently or formerly in jail, and/or just being a teenager.


What fresh hell is this?

Why, oh why, must I find relaxing a difficult thing to do sometimes? Honestly? Is it really so difficult? This is a particularly interesting problem to be confronted with as I've never considered myself an uptight person. On average, I'd say I'm more relaxed than your average bear. But then again, perhaps I've just pushed all Type A behavior out of my mind. No. I don't think that's it. I'm going to blame this one on graduate school. Free time became a guilt inducing phenomena, unless prescribed by social ritual... and even then it was touch and go. Really, at that point, cleaning/laundry/grocery shopping/household maintenance turn into modes of relaxation, if not avoidance. I'm still walking that line.

For Camille


Is this news to anyone?

Seriously, the word "duh" came to mind repeatedly while reading this.

a little taste of Santa Cruz

I'm back. The trip ended ealy for some good reasons. This is a good thing. I'm no longer in The Land of Strip Malls. I seriously considered doing a photo essay on the vagarities of strip malls and those who frequent them. But then again, it does seem as if strip malls beget strip malls... hmmm... Prudence won out. I'll have more to report later when I'm not, you know, going on less than 5 hours sleep (a small amount for me). But for now, beautiful people and beautiful sights.


Corporate Vision Quest

The impetus behind my week long trip to the Bay area was twofold.
Phase I: I was to meet with Big Company to further cement relations, integrate myself into Big doings, and attend a corporate party I really had no cause to be at, considering the fact it was for the completion of a huge year-long project and I've been working for, you know, three weeks. I had two guides on this particular portion of the trip and I successfully completed the tasks laid out for me. I totally have the t-shirt to prove it.
Phase II: This particular portion of the trip commences tomorrow, ends Thursday, and is really very simple in terms of goals. I'm supposed to go around with my boss, attend some meetings, and do some work myself. Really, the whole point of phase II is to meet the other people who work with and for my boss. Problem: My boss, in fact, did not come down. Thus I embark on Phase II without a guide.

I've figured it out. My boss was never really going to come down here. This trip is, in actuality, my Corporate Vision Quest equivalent. My right of passage, if you will. I've been cast out into the strip mall wilderness of Silicon Valley with no tools for survival, save the laptop and my wits. In order to successfully return home, I must fast and meditate until my Corporate Animal Spirit appears and directs me on my path. Methinks it's pretty safe to assume that my Corportae Animal Spirit won't be a bear. While we're at it, we could probably take wolves, tigers, birds of prey, as well as any large and/or intimidating animal off the list.


Okay, I made it through my first corporate riff-raff yesterday.... went to Big Meeting with Big Company, visited restroom with Japanese-style toilet (heated seats, etc.), navigated Bay Area traffic without getting hopelessly lost, went to party....

Better Part: Spending day in Santa Cruz with ultra-hip friends. Things seen: Monarch Butterflies, ultra-hip friends, otters, dolphins frolicking in the waves (one of them was basically surfing), and more ultra-hip friends. Word.


And so it begins....

.... I'm off to the land of corporate big-wigs sans chaperone or guide. I must navigate Bay area traffic, corporate offices, and middling class business hotels all while defending my soul from The Man.

Reports to follow.


As yesterday was a friend's birthday, special circumstances prevailed. I opened up the Dance Moves chest that sits patiently in the corner, collecting dust, moth balls, and dance moves best left in the late eighties and early nineties, or wherever else they came from. I think some of Bill Cosby's sweaters might be in there as well....

Shake your groove thing, in list form:
  • the running man
  • the roger rabbit
  • unnamed New Kids on the Block move
  • the shopping cart
  • the chainsaw
  • the lawn mower
  • interpretive dance
At least there was no cabbage patch, tootsie roll, or macarena. Just so we're all clear, this picture is stolen from Yale's website.


Finding Golden Nuggets

Man, I miss the world where I get to use the term heteronormative (much to the amusement of some) , read books, discuss, and write. Now I must turn my attention to finding the golden nuggets of my new job. After all, you didn't see me list grading, dealing with professors who have piss poor interpersonal skills, or telling students "don't sass me" in the list of things I missed. Perhaps I should admit that I did, in fact, enjoy telling the student not to sass me... but I don't miss the need to tell them such things. Anyway, on to uncovering the golden nuggets of my new job.
1. I earned $20 while talking about wine with my boss.
2. I have a boss I can talk about wine with and the simple pleasure of Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.
3. So far they're sending me places where The Cool Kids are.

I'm okay with the list thus far.


Posts of Convenience

Over the last few weeks I've relied upon my camera to blog without actually having to blog. This is fine. I'm not (generally) of the long or contemplative blog world. Also fine. But perhaps I should explain the previous post's photo-journalesque nature. Yesterday R! and I went out grouse hunting. The purpose was twofold. Less interesting, I purchased this fantastic oilcloth vest (not to mention the blaze orange knit hat as I planned to go out at some point) and felt the need to immediately justify* the purchase by walking in the woods. Perhaps more interesting are individuals' thoughts on hunting in general. I feel compelled to at least venture out with hunters and bear witness to all that is involved. But my hunting friends are very much of the eat-what-you-kill area of the hunting spectrum. If you want an example of an opposite end to this spectrum, think of Dick Cheney and his ilk killing around 400 pheasant of about 500 released during one "hunting" expedition on a private "game reserve." The reason I feel compelled to go out and witness is because I'll hapilly eat meat that comes in little packages from the grocery store... totally disconnected from the (perhaps not so natural) process. In that vein, R! has taken a vow to eat meat only when he personally kills a grouse/fish/rabbit/etc. this November. We're now onto day 5 and yesterday he tragically cried out, "I want a hamburger!" Don't worry, he persevered... but that doesn't bode well. But this compulsion to accompany hunters has been bouncing around in my head for a good long while. Does my witnessing without actually participating really stray from my slightly hypocritical omnivoure status? Not really. Hell, I don't even want to clean fish. But because it is slightly hpyocritical, I feel better about myself anyway. Such is life and the workings of my brain.

*Just in case anyone (LaLa) was wondering, the vest proved a resounding success when paired with a wool sweater. Drops of rainwater that fell from disturbed branches beaded on the material and rolled away, leaving me warm and dry.


blaze orange

Everyone needs a blaze orange excursion from time to time.....

You see, even nature likes the color.

Along the ridge....


At the end, along the MacK


the office

First, big thumbs-up to KFR. The musical package arrived today. I'm blogging to the sweet, sweet sound of your tunes. Yes, that's Brainy Smurf (thanks, C.) with a pair of Elvis shades in the background.

Second, I brought a camera to work today. It took all the ninja skills I could muster to get it past the rigorous secuity check points, etc. Yeah....

Here's the CUBE where I now spend my days.

Hold the phone! I can't believe that killed Mr. Eko on Lost. Rat Bastards!

Does this count as a view? At least I don't have to stand up to see outside.