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In a comment that struck close to my heart, young Dolce Vita expressed concern over the welfare of my shoes in the rolfing process. For the uninitiated, individuals who are rolfed are generally instructed to Adios their shoes because their bodies, specifically their feet, have changed so much. To keep wearing the old shoes would only be a detriment to the overall process. The process, for your edification, essentially focuses on the fascia in an attempt to open up bound up muscles thereby bringing your body in proper alignment with gravity, or some such junk. Some people find this to be very painful. I've been fine with it most of the time. I will say that there have been a few points where it hurt so much I just started sweating. Profusely, even. Those points of sweaty pain generally center on the time where my massage therapist (who is a massage therapist rock star) says something like, "okay, I'm going to scrape your bone a bit here. So just let me know if it's too much." We have a safe word.

I'm coming up on my fifth appointment which means I've passed the point where I had to get rid of all my shoes. Except I didn't have to get rid of them. My feet, particularly my heels, didn't change to the extent that keeping newer shoes would become an issue. I did, however, git rid of a whole bunch of old shoes. Needed to be done.

Where are we at with the migraines? Ummm, I've been relatively good. I've had a couple migraines in the last two weeks, one of which was connected to the weather. So that doesn't really count because I can't control the weather. It's been over two weeks with no alcohol (writing that just makes me feel like an alcoholic... It's been 17 days sober, where's my chip?) And I've been good on the exercise. So the big, giant reset of my system appears to be moving along swimmingly. Keep your good thoughts coming.


clean living, or something

We are only 13 days into November and the month has not been kind. Methinks it is most fitting that today is Friday the 13th and I'm finally writing about the horror that has been my head over the last month. Things have been tenuously okay at best and downright mean at worst with regard to my migraines, a month of waiting for the other shoe to drop. That's not really fun. What's a girl to do? Hit the reset button. Thinking back over my years as a migraineur I've tried to tease out periods when things weren't bad, at least insofar as anyone who lives with migraines can claim. As a result I'm going back in time. Reset button = time travel, or something like that. Destination 1999: Clean Living. Lots and lots of exercise, no drinking, a concerted effort at good nutrition, regular sleep, etc. Along with this reset button is the tag-team of acupuncture and massage (rolfing, to be more specific). That's right, people, I'm not fucking around with this. I'm not saying I've given up on delicious beer & wine or tasty cocktails. Alcohol in moderation has never been a trigger for me. But perhaps regular alcohol in moderation doesn't exactly help, ya know? Yeah. It's been over a week sans booze and I have had a migraine in that time. It's not an exact science. And I don't know when I might break the fast. Maybe not until thanksgiving. Maybe not until after. Maybe before. Ultimately I'm just trying to get a handle on things to break whatever cycle I seem to be in. All of my actions encompass what I'm calling The Kitchen Sink method, because I'm really throwing everything I can at it. Keep you fingers crossed.


Happy Anniversary Sesame Street

40 years of fun and learning.


No Diggity

Ain't no party like a West Coast party cause a West Coast party don't stop. Okay, you're right. That wasn't from No Diggity. It was, in fact, from "1, 2, 3, 4, Sumpin' New" by Coolio. My apologies. I recently acquired a great deal of music from the 1990s. I've spent some time this morning organizing the tunes and reminiscing. I can honestly say Mariah Carey, Puff Daddy, the Backstreet Boys, and New Edition have never factored into a Saturday morning before. Certainly not with anything that I had control over. Somehow this connects back to the ringer selection process for my sister. She had all sorts of great requests for songs to indicate she was calling. But no, she got "I want it that way" by the Backsteet Boys, the result of some serious car singing/dancing when the song came on from an old CD she found. When I say old, I mean the kind that took some time to burn with the songs most likely stolen with the help of Napster. Anyway, it was an epic performance from both of us. And now it's her ringer when she calls. In my defense, I couldn't get "Return of the Mac" by Mark Morrison, which was her request and mine. The world is cruel to Mr. Morrison. "Return of the Mac," I'm told by Wikipedia, was kept out of the number 1 slot of the Billboard charts in 1997 by the hideous "MMMBop." Tragedy. Ah, "Don't Let Go (Love)" by EnVogue just came up. 1996. Featured in the movie Set It Off, I believe. So good.

Don't judge, people. Embrace it.


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