Things that are Awesome. And Rad.

I recently had a friend lament that the original meaning of the word "awesome" was so, well, awesome that the current slang usage just wasn't up to snuff. Or not cool enough. Or not something enough. Anyway, got me to thinking about my current usage of the term "awesome" and other such phrases from my childhood. One word that never really left me, besides the awesome, is "rad" ..... yes, rad. Many people would be embarrassed by this. I am not. I've also been mentally compiling a list of awesome and rad things to share with y'all, with supporting evidence:

David Gray live in concert.
  • I have a good decade under my belt of love for Mr. Gray.
  • He unintentionally moves his head like a bobblehead when singing.
  • When excited and dancing on stage he looks like a muppet. Imagine Kermit the Frog leaving the stage after introducing an act.
  • Hello, he's rad. I'm not sure if you're aware or not, but he's a fantastic songwriter.
My parents text messaging me.
  • They send me pictures of the cat.
  • They tell me they're watching "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (the movie).
  • They use emoticons.
Left-over dessert for breakfast.
  • Pie and/or cake have a proven history with coffee, which is, after all, the breakfast of champions.
  • You're not all full from dinner and trying to enjoy delicious dessert.
  • What a way to start your day, right? Full of sweet wishes.
Seeing Beetlegirl Design stuff in a store in Seattle.
  • She's fantastically creative. I'd say ridiculously so.
  • She thinks them up and builds them.
  • The creations are ridiculously cute!
There are, of course, loads of other awesome things (in all senses of the word). But these oneses* have been on my mind of late.

Yes, I did that on purpose. It's quite obviously the plural of "ones"