short but sweet

Hug attack was entirely too short. But they were quality hugs. So it's okay. Besides, I'm now safely snuggled into my new wool scarf. There is indeed a warm fuzzy hug in every wrap.


impending hug attaaaaaack

I'm trying not brag here, but I've got an awesome Hug Attaaaaaack in my immediate future. I head on down to the Land of Strip Malls this afternoon for some work Big Doings and as a result, I get hugs on the corporate dime. Yay! In other news, Christmas shopping is moving in fits and starts. I'm still without migraine (yay! 3 weeks!) and hope to continue that trend. And I cut my hair. Which I'm sure all 5 of you wanted to know. Hope your Tuesday is going well!

Over and out.


sitting in an apple tree

I'm not really sitting in an apple tree, but I kinda feel like I am. Sitting in an apple tree in an old orchard, a haven from the glare of the sun, a place to sit and think, or plot, or just lose track of time. My apple tree is two weeks without migraines. Now I feel like I have to explore the frontier, figure out how to step into blazing sun. I haven't worked this hard at being good to myself for myself in a long time, maybe ever. There are winners and losers in this effort. While it was good to hit the reset button and not drink anything, that's not a direct cause of migraines for me. So I'm back on the sauce, as it were. Sleep! Blessed sleep is a biggy for me. I don't know how insomniacs function. I certainly couldn't do it. I'm gonna knock on some wood as I have experienced a bout of insomnia in a couple of years. Exercise is excellent, so long as you're not one of those compulsive exerciser types (and I've known my fair share). Massage is excellent! Ask around and find a good one. Your body will thank you. Acupuncture is good! Follow the same rules as when finding a massage therapist. Ummm, other smaller recommendations: dance in your kitchen, sing front of someone (even when you're terrible) as you'll be braver for the effort (it's a life-skill I suppose), give some hugs (and be a squeezer, no one appreciates a dainty hug), and tell someone something you appreciate about them. These smaller recommendations just make you feel better overall.

That's it from the apple tree. Over and out.