lambs or goats and dames or divas

I had a very entertaining end to my week last week. So entertaining that its keepin' me goin' through this Monday morning of jacked-up WiFi (which means I can't have a change of scenery when working). Let's see here... saw the stylish and amazingly rad couple KFR and B. There was wine, hug atttttaaaaaaaaaaacks, shootin' the shit, catchin' up, and generally a very enjoyable time. THEN we got to do it again (minus the wine) the next morning at breakfast. Most excellent.

Saturday was adventure time. Went on a back road adventure to the outlet mall with an upstanding member of the BCC. We had 3 goals to accomplish: see baby lambs, stop at the menonite lady's home bakery, and return some pants/hunt for socks. While trying to make conversation with the bakery lady I mentioned the cute cute cute lambs we'd seen. "You mean the goats.".... Ummmm no, I mean the lambs. Miscommunication miscommunication miscommunication... "They're goats." I hadn't seen any goats yet and told her as much. "Those are goats outside." Ah. I finally caught up. I told her we saw lambs on the drive, but hadn't seen HER goats yet. I don't think she actually believed I knew the difference between sheep and goats. Later that evening I went to a drag show. Very entertaining. I wonder if she would have known the difference between dames and divas.

Yesterday was a lovely day of lounging, mucking about on the computer, and playing kickball. I'll just add that I kicked in the winning run. Woot!


sign of the apoalypse

Okay okay okay. I know I've been out of the loop for a while now. So I'll try to give a quick update and then be much better about tending to the blog. Ummm, because I only have a few minutes before a meeting I'll utilize The List:
  • We almost won a game in dodgeball. It was so close. The match was epic. EPIC.
  • St. Patrick's Day wasn't nearly as exciting as the Muppets song listed below. It happens.
  • Spring is in the air.... travel shall be in the air soon enough as well.
  • I had a delightful potato doughnut. With cinnamon and sugar. I highly recommend them.
  • Went to cousin's wedding last weekend. It was outside. In a forest. And cold. Despite the cold, it turned out really well.
  • I get to see KFR and Re-B this week! Huzzah!
  • I happened to be at a mall the other day and came across the outfit featured below. I threw up a little in my mouth at the sight.
sign of the apocalypse


one must always be prepared


luck of the draw

my fortune

So last weekend I had my fortune told at a bar for the price of a beer. It seemed like a fair enough price. I was told The World was my future... cool. Anyway, the last couple days I've been meditating on what it means to send good thoughts out into the world in general and the trickiness of judgment. Sean "P Diddy" Combs was on the Ellen show the other day. Ellen pressed him for letting the punk Chris Brown (a correct judgment, I think) use his house in Florida as a place for him and Rhianna to make up or whatever. P Diddy was all, "I just want to send positive vibes, goodness into the world. blah blah blah." And Ellen's response was basically, "I get that, but I don't want girls thinking its okay for men to hit them."

Here's my question, do good vibes count when they're laced with righteous violence? For example, my good vibes come in the form of a small legion of microscopic warriors that know karate and battle things like wife beaters and cancer cells alike. Who am I kidding.... I'm okay with this combination of good and bad. I guess its all luck of the draw, initially anyway, and then how you move forward.

I should also add that I went to see Watchmen last night, which is probably influencing my good/bad vibes thought.... The movie was good, but entirely too long and with the most ridiculous sex scene. Ridiculous.


YES to style!

Okay, I admit a certain amount of ridiculous self-satisfaction at owning a SIGG canteen since 2004. Yes, it was a tad odd when people's first comments were, "ummmmm, isn't that a liquid fuel bottle for cooktops and stuff?" They had no idea the veritable fashion STORM of SIGG bottes was on the way. I just needed something that would fit neatly into my bag as I travelled around Europe. Setting aside the pretentiousness of that last sentence (and what follows), I noticed this add on nytimes.com yesterday as I scoped out the latest headlines and read Maureen Dowd....

"Say NO to plastic -- YES to style! Invest in Yourself & A Greener Earth."

I sort of love the fact that they're so clearly targeting city hipsters. I bet you could actually see some of these when walking around Portland, hipster-central. Methinks it takes a very specific type of individual to walk around with a GIANT canteen slung over their shoulder. But once that very specific individual does it, I wonder how long it will take others to do it?

Meh. Environmental Fashion. Add it to the list.


Album MeMe; or, a Follower

Following in the footsteps of KFR and the venerable Count Fosco, I present my album cover. I was quite tickled by the both the band and album name, though I admit I stretched the band name a bit. A long latin name for a trout found in Croatia just wouldn't cut it. Meh. I also must admit I was hoping for something a bit more metal in terms of imagert to go with the names. Whatev.

If you're after your own album cover, please refer to this lovely "Not (yet) on iTunes" post from Count Fosco.

And just to give a bit of credit, the image was from Dyrk.Wyst on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dyrkwyst/3302855961/
Full quote: "Here's a rule I recommend: Never practice two vices at once." -- Tallulah Bankhead
Random Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salmothymus_obtusirostris_salonitana