YES to style!

Okay, I admit a certain amount of ridiculous self-satisfaction at owning a SIGG canteen since 2004. Yes, it was a tad odd when people's first comments were, "ummmmm, isn't that a liquid fuel bottle for cooktops and stuff?" They had no idea the veritable fashion STORM of SIGG bottes was on the way. I just needed something that would fit neatly into my bag as I travelled around Europe. Setting aside the pretentiousness of that last sentence (and what follows), I noticed this add on nytimes.com yesterday as I scoped out the latest headlines and read Maureen Dowd....

"Say NO to plastic -- YES to style! Invest in Yourself & A Greener Earth."

I sort of love the fact that they're so clearly targeting city hipsters. I bet you could actually see some of these when walking around Portland, hipster-central. Methinks it takes a very specific type of individual to walk around with a GIANT canteen slung over their shoulder. But once that very specific individual does it, I wonder how long it will take others to do it?

Meh. Environmental Fashion. Add it to the list.

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