The many moods of presentations

Bluh Phase: not excited about prospect of presentation. Not excited about power point. Not excited by the amount of times I'll mumble "uhhh" instead of accepting a small amount of silence and making eye contact. Not excited about flight in the the wee hours of the morning, nor slow drive in traffic, nor navigating the ginormous campus where said presentation shall take place.

Ass Kicking Phase
Hells yes, I'm excited! I'm gonna kick this presentation's ass! Clear voice, eye contact, no "uhhs" or "like", etc. etc. etc. Accolades will flow, epic poems dedicated to my genius shall pass down to posterity, and I'll get me some swag.

I can use the flight in the wee hours and impending traffic jam to my advantage! Huzzah! I'm a presentation maniac!

Perhaps somewhere in between these two extremes would be best.


Happy Halloween!


Your Search for Value: a response

I totally stole these images from an email my friend sent. But I had to. KFR recently posted on some (one) of the (pop) cultural revolutions of the 1980s. I'd like to offer a timely reminder of our low standards.

Image Back Story: a dude helping to install a ceiling fan in father-in-laws house finds a JC Penny catalog from 1977. Please fasten your seatbelt, make sure your belongings and tray are safely stowed, and have your seats in their upright position. Enter time warp.

Please note the colorful stretch terry coordinates. Holy crap, pajama party? I think these guys are ready to party poolside.

Dig it, man.

Um.... so... I was a sheriff for Halloween. I could have used a shirt like this one. I think. Maybe not.

I just.... there aren't... I can't....

Is this gentleman wearing a shirt? A fur vest perhaps?

All the models rested in between changes at this lovely dining set. You too could own a barrel with a table top for four. hundred. and. fif.teen. dollars....

Not that people don't use barrels for this sort of thing now. Step into many wineries and you'll find an updated version of this. I just don't think I want it in my breakfast nook.

So you see, in many respects (not all, I think?), we simply have low standards. Of course the 80s were fantastically revolutionary in music, but perhaps a better descriptor is responsive. The 80s were incredibly responsive. I mean really, take a moment and think about the 70s. What does your mind conjure up? Yeah. Of course, I didn't actually live in the 70s, but I fully participated (was indoctrinated?) in the 80s. Yes, indoctrinated. It fits much better.

My apologies for the rambling crap. That is all.


my dogs are barkin'

This girl is tired. Gone for 5 days... five days filled with meetings and presentations, etc. In case anyone was wondering, my presentation with the clip from Cabaret went swimmingly. Lots of laughing and even a request for the link. I'm not kidding. A hit. Big hit.

Not that it was all work, work, work. Besides seeing my coworkers who are largely entertaining individuals in their own right, I was able to visit the venerable KFR and B. I'm pleased to report an evening of food, wine, and music video assured me all was right in their world (except for the whole loud neighbor crap). Pesto is as cute and as difficult to photograph as ever. As a result of some poor planning on my part, I wasn't able to spend that much time with them. But anything is better than nothing, right?

ps: there were two Hug Attttaaaaaaaaaacks. One from me and one delivered on behalf of the brilliant A. Mission accomplished. Shock and Awe hugs.


Money, and such

Once again I embark on another adventure down the Left Coast. I felt this particular clip from Cabaret apropos as I'm using it in a presentation I'll be giving later this morning on this very topic. I have difficulty drumming up enthusiasm to talk about money if things like class, race, gender, etc. aren't involved. My natural instinct is to shrug. So, why not let Liza make it entertaining? The gal I will be presenting with lives in Cali and, let me tell ya, that does not leave time for Cabaret rehearsals.

On more important topics, I will venture to the land of KFR, Beetles, and bunnies while on my trip. Woot! Hug Attttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Nerds of all varieties!


The 3 Bears + Goldie = 1 Square Dance

+ ears

So, yes. We might have square danced this weekend. Might have square danced in costume. Yes, that's right. Costume. Can you handle that mental image? The evening was quite delightful. Fondu before, dressing as one of the 3 bears (I was Papa with the tie), square dancing.... do see do, swing your partner, roll the barrel (not kidding), see-saw- oh how the list goes on. There was even a proper Caller to lead the way and keep us on the right track. He was a larger man who wore Key overalls as one might expect if they were to take the time to imagine such an individual. He was impressive. Overall the music was fantastic, people danced with enthusiasm, and a migraine only slowed me down at the end. All in all, a good night.

Try it people, you might like it.




WFH: coffee anyone?

Yeah. So, I have to go online and take a personality test to see what sort of temperament I have in relation to the other worker bees. Woohoo!

More coffee please.


the day

  • rain
  • sun
  • work/work/meeting/work/
  • walk
  • work/conversation with a bunny lover/work
  • caught in big rain.... water dripping down from hair to bridge of nose.
  • hail
  • sun
  • headache?no headache? I don't know! make up your mind, Mind!
  • autumnal veggies
  • conversations with Matt-O
  • new down! new duvet! Take That cold nights! Bam!
  • Alias


Super Nerd

Super E.

So.... I have a few things to report.
  • attended my first football game... cause, you know, I have school spirit and stuff
  • attended my first roller derby EVENT... that one needs to marinate before I can fully appreciate the enormity of the spectacle
  • brilliant sunshiny day today. John Denver would approve (if he hadn't crashed in the ocean)
  • home office modification.
  • microbrew beer in a can.
  • am now frying expert.


Poetry on 8 Wheels

Yes. Poetry on 8 Wheels. Can you handle it? Picture it: red carpet on walls, black lights and mirror ball illuminating the way, Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" blaring over the sound system, me in skates. Oh yes, my friends. Poetry on 8 Wheels.

There were a number of highlights from last night's skating adventure, so I'll narrow it down to two. It may have come about 17 years late, but I can now check something off of life's To Do list.... I spun in the middle of the skating rink with my friend. Holding tight, focusing on your spinning parter (so as not to Machio), spin spin spin until the momentum just carries you through. It was like Blades of Glory, but cooler because it was on skates.

And just when I thought nothing could top the spinning in the middle of the skating rink, my friend A. and I requested Journey from the young roller skate pro in charge of the tunes. As the first notes of "Don't Stop Believing" began a wave of interpretive skate inspiration swept over us. Let me tell you something, if you think interpretive dance is difficult normally, try it in skates. There were coordinated hand signals, moments of flying, bursts of speed, and a not-to-be-attempted-by-amateurs move I like to call the Black Lotus. Weeeeeee!

Poetry on 8 Wheels.

Happy Friday.


fernando's newest tat

Originally uploaded by another kind of nerd

Gather round for another edition of Name That Tat! This one should be healed up by this point as the image sat in my cell phone for a while.


not nice!

veiled post-it threat???
I ambled into the break room today for some water and saw this lovely little PostIt left by one of the security guards on a Pepsi machine. I'm of two minds about this: a) I totally want to make fun of it (hence the blog post) b) I wish Dude had contacted me as this particular vending machine has stolen at least $1.00 from me over the year. I could hold the vending machine re-stocking guy while he retrieved our collective $1.75. Rest assured, I no longer use this vending machine for my subsidized caffeine.

What is particularly striking about the note, at least to me, is the threat of it.... "I'm with security up front." Okay okay, this isn't as threatening as say, "I'm with security." Period. Direct and to the point, there's no messing around. Or how about, "I'm with security and plan on chasing your ass down on my Segway. Then I'll beat you over the head with my company issued bike helmet until I get my $0.75 back." Cause, you know, specifics can be scary.

Perhaps I could recruit this fellow for my Black Ops mission to destroy the household Christmas lights I saw up. But then again, he wears high-water pants. In the security world of Segways and "safe for another day" comments (not kidding with that one), high-water pants indicate newbies. The longer your tenure in the security world the closer the pant cuffs get the the ground. It is, after all, something to work towards in a world where the uniform is the same for all security guards.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant water break.



the stowaway

This little yukon gold was a stowaway from a trip to a farm to gather early Fall gourds, fruits, and veggies. I did not purchase potatoes on the outing. When gathering my purchases before me at home I spied this lonely little potato. What does one do with a mini potato such as this? Not much. In fact, you sort of stare at it and shake your head. One potato. One wee potato. Shall I roast it? Cut it into mini-fries? Make hash browns? Perhaps carve a stamp and make Halloween cards?

On other topics, last night I had my October Bliss seriously disturbed by the garish glow of Christmas decorations. ****CHRISTMAS****!!!!????? What in the Sam Hill is that about? It's October! I'm seriously contemplating a Black Ops mission to deal with that. It is, in my humble opinion, absolutely unacceptable to display Christmas decorations outside of the month of December.

That is all.


Sweet October

Rejoice my friends, for today is the 1st of October. Rejoice in sweater weather. Rejoice in cool nights. Rejoice in the sharp light of the sun as we turn on our axis. Rejoice in the World Series. Rejoice in piles of leaves that welcome an enterprising individual's leap. Even in the earthy smell of the leaves as they break down. In apple cider. In crisp mornings. In yellow, orange, and flaming red leaves. In ghosties and goblins demanding tricks and treats. In corn mazes. Rejoice in transitioning, summer to winter.

October, an august occasion.