Your Search for Value: a response

I totally stole these images from an email my friend sent. But I had to. KFR recently posted on some (one) of the (pop) cultural revolutions of the 1980s. I'd like to offer a timely reminder of our low standards.

Image Back Story: a dude helping to install a ceiling fan in father-in-laws house finds a JC Penny catalog from 1977. Please fasten your seatbelt, make sure your belongings and tray are safely stowed, and have your seats in their upright position. Enter time warp.

Please note the colorful stretch terry coordinates. Holy crap, pajama party? I think these guys are ready to party poolside.

Dig it, man.

Um.... so... I was a sheriff for Halloween. I could have used a shirt like this one. I think. Maybe not.

I just.... there aren't... I can't....

Is this gentleman wearing a shirt? A fur vest perhaps?

All the models rested in between changes at this lovely dining set. You too could own a barrel with a table top for four. hundred. and. fif.teen. dollars....

Not that people don't use barrels for this sort of thing now. Step into many wineries and you'll find an updated version of this. I just don't think I want it in my breakfast nook.

So you see, in many respects (not all, I think?), we simply have low standards. Of course the 80s were fantastically revolutionary in music, but perhaps a better descriptor is responsive. The 80s were incredibly responsive. I mean really, take a moment and think about the 70s. What does your mind conjure up? Yeah. Of course, I didn't actually live in the 70s, but I fully participated (was indoctrinated?) in the 80s. Yes, indoctrinated. It fits much better.

My apologies for the rambling crap. That is all.

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Rachel said...

I dunno, there were some pretty hip, fab and groovin shirts from the 70s. Bell bottoms are better than stonewash. The barrel table for $415, though... taking into account inflation, that's well over $1000 for a really stupid looking table.