Blanket Netherworld

Be warned, this will be a slightly whiny post. I came back from Las Vegas with the Crud, some sort of chest congestion/coughing thing. While not elevated to the status of the Plague, it is quite annoying, particularly at night when the coughing really kicks into overdrive.

On to the point: all this lying awake and coughing at night really hammers home the fact that I'm in a blanket netherworld. Or paradox. One or the other. It's either too warm at night for my winter down OR too cold for my summer set up. This situation is only more confused by the fact that we had snow in the area less than 2 weeks ago. I fear there is some sort of evil inverse blanket/weather relationship at play. Completely illogical I know, but that's what lying awake at 3:00am and coughing will get you.


water is necessary

Sorry for the absence of late. Had to be done. Couldn't be avoided. Was at a work shin-dig/conference last week and hanging out before that with the sis. I'm now safely ensconced in Washington (though not for much longer) and plan on a bit of yard work a bit later today.

So, some things I learned from the conference:
  • CEOs and CIOs can cry... and not simply due to poor or exceptional earnings
  • If you want to make it anywhere in the corporate world, you must train your liver
  • The art of cussing is appreciated
  • Sales people really ARE that creepy
  • to survive, you must surround yourself with at least one buddy
  • Water is necessary yet singles one out as a sissy
  • 12:00am is considered early


all in the family


There are certain times in my life, today being one of them, when I get a migraine. They come fairly regularly, I suppose, but have a reasonable enough amount of time between instances that I try to view them as little more than a nuisance. Some months are better than others, but it could be worse.

Anyway, whenever I talk to my mom on the phone during a migraine (as I ridiculously attempt to go about my daily life) she always, always, always apologizes. It is, after all, her side of the family that these little beasties run in. Not that she had any choice in the matter either, or her grandmother, or my brother, etc. etc. etc. But today she attached an addendum to her Apology:

"Well, at least you're not stupid!"

That's my mom! Always looking on the bright side of life! I'm adding that to my war chest of silver linings.


These things happen.

crushed pride?  meh. felled w/moss
IMG_6828 at the corner of deadwood and deadwood

A hike to a local Mount took an unexpected detour Saturday for doughnuts. Meh. These things happen. A jaunt to a local doughnut place took an unexpected detour for a water fall. Meh. These things happen. A step down to the river took an unexpected detour to my ass. Meh. These things happen.

Not one of my more graceful moments. But alas, I was the only one laughing as no one else saw it. Blasted! Because really, at that point I was someone laying on the ground by a river in a puddle laughing with NO ONE around. I could probably say something about a tree falling in the woods making no sound, but I'll restrain myself. One thing is for certain though, I have a pretty wicked bruise on my hip and my favorite pair of finders-keepers sunglasses didn't survive the fall... brawl, crawl, drawl, maul, Gaul, scrawl... Right-O. Apologies. Apparently the head didn't fair to well either? No no, every thing is in working order. I promise, Ma.

There was another detour on the way home. Who really wants to go back the way they came? Honestly? Let's just say we tooled around some nicely paved (and cleared of windfall trees) Forrest Service road. As a result we ended up at the crossroads of Deadwood and Deadwood. You really can't make this up, people. Deadwood and Deadwood.

Anyhoo, hope everyone had a pleasant end of week.


mini-accomplishments and tires

So. Mini-accomplishments and tires. I just wanted to let you all know that I now know how to deal with my bike tires. I can repair a flat in no time! Well, not no time, as I don't actually own a wee little repair kit yet. But rest assured! If some well supplied citizen happened to have a repair kit on their person while I was stranded due to flat, I could instruct said person on proper tire changing techniques, etc. Or just do it myself. Methinks I need to start a bike shopping list. I guess I can add this little accomplishment to the "Transportation Things I Know How to Do" List.

The "Transportation Things I Know How to Do" List:
  • change/repair a tire tube on a bike
  • true a bike wheel
  • change a flat tire on a car
  • properly use winter tire chains*
  • change the air filter
  • check the oil (changing the oil is just not something I've ever felt the need to do)
  • check and fill various fluid levels
  • safely use a nuclear reaction to generate the 1.21 gigawatts of electricity I need to power my time machine.

*this one is on the list in theory as I generally don't travel if its too rough or just plow on through. I know how to use chains, but I don't know.


shed a little light

le sigh. so much work.


40 years of note

good lookin' fam
First off, I have to say a big Hells Yes to my parents. This weekend was their 40th wedding anniversary. To say that they have been married to each other for 40 years and still voluntarily talk (to each other) is no small feat. The bro, sis, and I threw a little shin-dig for them with the fam and pals. I'm happy to report that good times were had by all. There were even a few cut-throat games of Mexican Train Dominoes in the weekend mix.

Second, I've heard from the intrepid Matt-O. He is still alive. In fact, he's doing quite well by any measure. Better than well by my own summation of things. I'll let him spread the good word a bit later when he's back within range of the interweb. But rest assured, he's messing about in the Cascades, soon to be out of the country, and shall return to a job.

That is all.