in the land of migraines.

Things have been worse than normal in my head lately. "Normal" is, of course, a very relative term. Its gotten to the point where I'm keeping a journal. A migraine journal. I keep track of all sorts of fun things, like what I eat and drink, exercise, migraines, weather, etc. The hope is to write all this crap down for at least a month or so and then tease some patterns out of it. I've got a good handle on a couple triggers, both of which I can do very little about. The trick is to separate that business from other potential triggers. Therein lies the rub.

I didn't attempt this particular tactic sooner for completely irrational and selfish reasons. Quite honestly, I don't want to know if chocolate or red wine are triggers for me (though I don't believe they explicitly are). Well, hell, who am I kidding?! That's a completely valid reason to stick my head in the ground! So, we shall see where this business leads. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the wine.


company for the brick wall

So, my brick wall finally has something to keep it warm, namely an awesome map of Seattle I picked up at an antiques & collectibles show a number of weeks ago. I've been eyeballing the map for sometime and finally took the plunge. That brick was is just so ugly, and the map is just so cool. To me anyway. Though I did realize that this is the 3rd map I have up in my apartment, so perhaps I should stop with the maps for now.

Please disregard the flash in the full picture of the framed map. Its not very bright out right now. What can you do?

framed seattle kroll map
woodland park zoo
seattle kroll map


New Look, Option Two

Okay, here's another option. I really enjoy the green of the brown. If that makes sense. And I have to say, it looks much warmer for those of you with Macs. My work PC doesn't do it justice, but it doesn't look bad. For comparison, here's an image of the first New Look:

Anyway, let me know what you think.



New Look

Okay people, as if I don't sit in front of a computer long enough, I got caught up making changes to my blog's look and feel. So, I burned through about 3 different layouts before I returned to where I started. Meh. I like it, what can I say. So I guess that means the only thing different is the color palette. Let me know what you think. Do you have to strain your eyes? How's the link color? Visited links? and so on and so forth. I'll gladly accept comments such as, "that looks like someone vomited on my screen."

I have to admit, I like the colors in theory. But in practice it seems a bit too, I don't know, precious. And lame. I've had the charcoal gray for so long, perhaps the memory is just interfering...

Anyway, I have another color scheme up my sleeve.

Over and out.


sunday update

This isn't so much a complaint as an acknowledgment of all I have to be grateful for. I've been gone each of the last 4 weekends, mostly for family stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. But at one point last week I realized that I'd been so busy I hadn't sat on my couch in a week. A WEEK. Today marks the end of that weekend trend, at least until Thanksgiving. Relaxation and accomplishments mark my Sunday. I slept in, made a nice breakfast & coffee, read the paper past noon (on my couch, thank you), cleaned, did some grocery shopping, watched some TV courtesy of the BBC, and have a delicious soup simmering. All in all, a good day.

It is officially soup and sweater weather.



Those who study history tend to be among the more cynical. I don't think they're necessarily more cynical than the next person, but in their historic brains lies a sundry list of how things go terribly and inextricably wrong. Cynicism is self-preservation. Tempered by years of historical study and the Bush years, you could say my heart was two sizes too small to allow myself to hope. So it is that last night my small, disbelieving Grinch-filled heart grew three sizes.



a day for nerves

Already voted. Saw lots of smile. Now to sit and wait with the rest.

Completely off topic... if you're ever in Seattle, go to Lighthouse Roasters. They roast the most delicious coffee and their baristas know a thing or three about pulling a shot.

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