Bike to work; or, First Things

Bike to work, bike to work. I finally biked out to work yesterday. First time to do so during my tenure at Inatech. Lovely day for it all in all. Also the first time on a freeway overpass sans car. I have to say, I felt a mild compulsion to stop and stair at traffic like I was on the show ChiPs. Unfortunately I don't actually own any mirrored glasses, so that plan fell apart rather quickly.

Another first, today my new bed will be delivered. Man, furniture is expensive. It's okay though. I have the cooooooooooolest bed frame EVER to keep it nice and safe (thanks for the delivery Mom 'n Pap!). The head and foot boards are these fantastic 50s Mod style where the grain patterns in the wood form geometric patterns. Very nice. Even more entertaining, there's a reading light built into the headboard! Flip!... the light turns on... Flip!... the light turns off.

Hmmmm, yesterday evening also included two firsts. C and J came over to watch Pans Labyrinth. Holy crap! That's such a good movie. You can't see it, but I just put my hands up to my head in a menacing way... as if my eyes were in the palms of my hands. Additionally, we had the first cold wine of the season, a Sangiovese Rose.

Phew. I think you're caught up for the most part.



Reasons to be late to work

At work...
Another shot of the apartment.... from my desk in my office, soon to be rearranged to accommodate the new guest room status. We're going with the office/guest room stylings.

Reasons to be late to work... go ahead and add your own
  1. cooking Udon noodles needed for Thai peanut salad for potluck for boss
  2. blogging
  3. worked late the night before
  4. chatting with co-worker about noodles, blogging, the latest maintenance release, etc.
  5. finishing coffee + paper routine
  6. finding the appropriate shoes and bag
  7. printing playlist
  8. legitimately lazy mornings


it's come to this

cell phone make-out
I really felt the need to highlight the cell phone make-out, as demonstrated by Austin. There's not really much to say on this topic. Methinks the less said the better.

In other news, I ran yesterday with M. and J. That madness that was two weeks of migraines really left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm back walkin' the straight and narrow. More exercise, better nutrition (yes yes, more protein Ma), and better sleep. This last bit will be extra-nice as I just made the biggest purchase of my short little life, a new bed. It's fantastic. Simmons Beautyrest with the individual pocketed coils. Yahoo! Now I just have to wait a week and a half for it to arrive. Ho hum.


For Beetlegirl, one piece at a time

Frigidaire Cookmaster

I'll provide pictures one bit at a time. But first, the Frigidaire Cookmaster, a General Motors product. This is the anchor of the kitchen.


a break in the clouds

This is the second day this week that promises to be migraine free. Huzzah! What does one do with so much energy and ability to focus? Why, one plants herbs of course!

Here we have a little Sage of Bath
sage of bath

Just thought I'd throw in a little morning routine. Because things like reading are fun when you don't have a headache.
morning routine

By the by, today is Trust In Steel's defense. Wish him luck.


A New Tat or Two

Well, KFR, you'll be pleased to hear that Fernandito found his way to another tattoo parlor. He sent me this last night from his cell. Spreading the good word. Pretty tough to hide those from his Mama now!



So, last night, despite migraine number 6 in the last 10 days (yes, I had another one yesterday that continues this morning) I went to meet my friends at a bar for a beer and a game of pool. I mean really, what are you supposed to do? At this point I'm just living with them. No other choice this past week and a half. Anyway, this excursion quickly devolved into an older-man/bar-fly-hit-on-the-girls kind of evening. Like stink on shit they came. And yes, I don't care what I just said about myself. Some conversational snippets (Act Two is really the best):

Act One: Imagine a guy marking his territory, not a stretch to say he was pissing around the pool table and my friend....
Dude #1 to Dude #2: You're in my space. This is my space. You need to go find some neutral space.

Act Two: After Dude #1 messed with Dude #3's quarters and next spot on the table, I split the difference and played a game of 8 ball against Dude #3 while Dude #1 played a game with my friend. We didn't need a repeat of the Silverback chest pounding that was the Neutral Space conversation
Dude #3: I used to play pool with my right hand. After I got out of the Service I started playing with my left hand.
Me: So you're ambidextrous.
Dude #3: Yeah, and I can paint with my left hand, too.

Act Three: More conversation from the never-ending pool game with Dude #3.
Dude #3: I used to play a lot of pool. I was on a team. I did a lot of cocaine.
Me: So you must have been a fast player.

Oh yeah. This place was a real collection of winners. If anyone is in need of some ego-boosting (that is, if your ego is actually boosted by this type of individual) contact me and I'll give ya a heads-up.


Dear Brain,

This conversation has been a long time comin'. You've treated me well over the years. We've managed to fool people over our intelligence, but times are getting tough. Don't get me wrong, I cherish the memories we've made, the dumb jokes we've shared... and yes, a few of those might have been puns. I take responsibility for the puns as well.

But we seem to have grown apart. You don't seem happy anymore. I try to treat you nice. I read books, listen to music, have great conversations to stimulate you. I know I've been falling down on the job when it comes to exercise, but I'll get back at it. All in all, not a bad report.

And yet.

And yet you insist on having migraines. Five in the last nine days by my count. I can understand and handle five in a month, but five in the last ten days? This is no way to go about life. I don't know how I've upset you, but you seem to take an odd pleasure in making me utter incoherent sentences as I fight between pain and medication.

We can work this out. We have to work this out because I'm nothing without you, Brain. I know that sounds a bit selfish, but I think you're nothing without me too.



Sooooo, I've discovered that non-alcoholic beer really is an interesting alternative to actual beer. And by interesting, I mean bad. Simply a case of mistaken identity. The packaging of things can really throw you for a loop sometimes. Expect one thing, get another. Of course, I'm totally disregarding the fact that it did say non-alcoholic in big letters... and that I was the recipient of a funny look when I purchased said "beer". Whatev. You live and you learn, right?


Feist - My Moon My Man

If Chris can do it, so can I. Though this isn't a video featuring Thor Von Clemsen, I still think it's pretty good. She dances to the music in her head... I can appreciate that.


writers block; or, where to put the pictures

I'm faced with an interesting problem: I seem to have a creative block at the moment. Whether I've finally given in to the problem or it just sprung up I could not tell you. This creative block manifests itself in two ways: blog writers block and pictures (and apparently the use of colons).

As far as the first problem goes, actually writing about my blog writers block is sure to set me down the path to right.

In regard to the second problem, my creative decorative block, I have no idea. I sit in my living room magically waiting for the furniture to tell me what their final destination should be. I want other people to help, but then I totally nix their ideas. Not very neighborly of me. This is bad because the furniture must be set before books can go in the bookcases, before pictures can go up on the wall... you get the idea. I think I'm just going to dive in. Damn the prospect of moving everything a second time. Open up the sliding glass door on one end and all the windows on the other and throw caution to the wind (well, a nice breeze, really) that blows through.

Don't worry, if this writers block continues you'll be sure to hear about it... and the progress of my pictures.


hang a solo!

ukulele solo
Things are going swimmingly. The parental unit shall arrive baring gifts of storage unit past. Things to keep in mind when moving:
  • couch + chair = living room
  • don't unpack books until you know the final destination of the book cases
  • first phase unpacking critical components = bed, computer, and coffee
  • things that remain in boxes from previous moves stay in boxes... necessitates trip to Goodwill
  • boxes boxes boxes. If you want to be nice to your friends/ninja movers, have everything boxed and labeled.
  • be sure to provide beer and pizza (or some other foodstuffs) to your movers
  • grit your teeth and plod forward
  • a little cleansing ain't a bad idea, both physical and metaphysical. A little bleach water for the cupboards.... a little sage, salt, and bells for the bad ju-ju....


Rest Easy

Have no fear, my friends. I'm still in the area. Only now I'm large and in charge with my fireplace and office. All I need is a smoking jacket and a bubble pipe to be truly set. I'll have pictures here at some point soon....

... what box do you suppose the cables are in?

ps: EMc makes the most delicious chocolate frosted house warming cupcakes ever.


move as (un)still life

box labels
Rachel asked, "You're moving?" Yes, indeed. I'm moving. The countdown has begun. Quite exciting, especially when you forget that you'll be surrounded by boxes for a week before and after the move. Anticipated highlights:
  • an office - can you fathom the luxury of an office at home?
  • cable - I totally let myself be talked into this one... it came with a free digital recorder!
  • rather large balcony
  • fireplace - albeit in an odd circa 1968 manner
  • my own space


move as still life

... at the end of the tunnel