a break in the clouds

This is the second day this week that promises to be migraine free. Huzzah! What does one do with so much energy and ability to focus? Why, one plants herbs of course!

Here we have a little Sage of Bath
sage of bath

Just thought I'd throw in a little morning routine. Because things like reading are fun when you don't have a headache.
morning routine

By the by, today is Trust In Steel's defense. Wish him luck.


Trust in Steel said...

Glad to hear the migraine's have subsided. Hopefully, you have turned the corner for a while.

Beetlegirl said...

okay...so i have been waiting and waiting, not so patiently, for pictures of your new place...so where are they? the herb is pretty, the jadite cup should be smuggled out the next time we see you, but really, where did you put the furniture and the pictures?

E...the suspense is killing me...