Bike to work; or, First Things

Bike to work, bike to work. I finally biked out to work yesterday. First time to do so during my tenure at Inatech. Lovely day for it all in all. Also the first time on a freeway overpass sans car. I have to say, I felt a mild compulsion to stop and stair at traffic like I was on the show ChiPs. Unfortunately I don't actually own any mirrored glasses, so that plan fell apart rather quickly.

Another first, today my new bed will be delivered. Man, furniture is expensive. It's okay though. I have the cooooooooooolest bed frame EVER to keep it nice and safe (thanks for the delivery Mom 'n Pap!). The head and foot boards are these fantastic 50s Mod style where the grain patterns in the wood form geometric patterns. Very nice. Even more entertaining, there's a reading light built into the headboard! Flip!... the light turns on... Flip!... the light turns off.

Hmmmm, yesterday evening also included two firsts. C and J came over to watch Pans Labyrinth. Holy crap! That's such a good movie. You can't see it, but I just put my hands up to my head in a menacing way... as if my eyes were in the palms of my hands. Additionally, we had the first cold wine of the season, a Sangiovese Rose.

Phew. I think you're caught up for the most part.



boxfactoryboy said...

Bike to work, what a concept! With tires full of air and new helmet to cover your hair(head). What could be better on a nice day.? And I bet it was faster than you thougt it would be. I wanna see that movie, looks scarey though. I hope the first night on that new bed was wonderful.

another kind of nerd said...

Yes, yes. Bike to work. Good stuff. Watch the movie. Soooo good.