hang a solo!

ukulele solo
Things are going swimmingly. The parental unit shall arrive baring gifts of storage unit past. Things to keep in mind when moving:
  • couch + chair = living room
  • don't unpack books until you know the final destination of the book cases
  • first phase unpacking critical components = bed, computer, and coffee
  • things that remain in boxes from previous moves stay in boxes... necessitates trip to Goodwill
  • boxes boxes boxes. If you want to be nice to your friends/ninja movers, have everything boxed and labeled.
  • be sure to provide beer and pizza (or some other foodstuffs) to your movers
  • grit your teeth and plod forward
  • a little cleansing ain't a bad idea, both physical and metaphysical. A little bleach water for the cupboards.... a little sage, salt, and bells for the bad ju-ju....

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kungfuramone said...

You're lookin' pretty serious about engaging some ukelele ROCK in that shot, my girl!