writers block; or, where to put the pictures

I'm faced with an interesting problem: I seem to have a creative block at the moment. Whether I've finally given in to the problem or it just sprung up I could not tell you. This creative block manifests itself in two ways: blog writers block and pictures (and apparently the use of colons).

As far as the first problem goes, actually writing about my blog writers block is sure to set me down the path to right.

In regard to the second problem, my creative decorative block, I have no idea. I sit in my living room magically waiting for the furniture to tell me what their final destination should be. I want other people to help, but then I totally nix their ideas. Not very neighborly of me. This is bad because the furniture must be set before books can go in the bookcases, before pictures can go up on the wall... you get the idea. I think I'm just going to dive in. Damn the prospect of moving everything a second time. Open up the sliding glass door on one end and all the windows on the other and throw caution to the wind (well, a nice breeze, really) that blows through.

Don't worry, if this writers block continues you'll be sure to hear about it... and the progress of my pictures.

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