move as (un)still life

box labels
Rachel asked, "You're moving?" Yes, indeed. I'm moving. The countdown has begun. Quite exciting, especially when you forget that you'll be surrounded by boxes for a week before and after the move. Anticipated highlights:
  • an office - can you fathom the luxury of an office at home?
  • cable - I totally let myself be talked into this one... it came with a free digital recorder!
  • rather large balcony
  • fireplace - albeit in an odd circa 1968 manner
  • my own space


Rachel said...

that's so exciting! I totally get your desire for the last bullet point - I have to move back in with my mom this September, and this time, I have no planned move-out date. wonderful... Well, it sounds like you're one of that whatever percentage of people with Master's in History that are making some decent money with it. Congrats!!!

Dolce Vita said...

Um, did you move away from Eugene? The description of your new apartment doesn't sound Eugene apartments where most of them appeal to student-ghetto lifestyles.

On that note, congrats! Your new apartment sounds like it is worlds away from typical-Eugene. Good luck with the move. I'm looking forward to pics of the new place.

Leah said...

Where are you moving to?

Are you around for Cinco de Softball in Salem this weekend? We are Oregon bound tomorrow, email Bob! -Leah