I lost my shoe.

Welcome back, kiddies! School is starting up again and even though I haven't been a student in more years than I'd like to admit, it's still an easy way to track time. Students are back in town, which means a few things: going near the university for anything is a bear; shouts of "woo!" will rise exponentially as will the hem of skirts; you won't be able to go out to breakfast on a weekend and not wait an hour if you show up after 10:00AM... hangovers are, after all, a slow process; and finally, fights.

Friend M. observed the last item this last weekend in a town about 50 miles up the road. She sent me a Captain's Log of events in poetry form. I told her I must share. The second is particularly good.

From MQH~
Here's my weekend in coffee house poetry form:

Just Another Testosterone Saturday Night
Huge fist fight broke out right in front of my house. Horrible.
25 to 30 skinny white boys in hoodies.
I had to call 911. The cops chased them down just like on TV.
Handcuffed face down in the grass.
There were injuries. A circle of blood left on my lawn.

Recite with bongos and black beret for maximum effect.

Stab Wound to the Neck

He's bleeding out. Said the cop.
I lost my shoe. Said the boy.
You're injured. Said the cop.
I lost my shoe. Said the boy.
Get something to tie it off. Said the cop.


an anwanted guest lingers

dill weed love note.

Well, I finally managed to give myself some form of food poisoning. Those are the breaks, I guess. This happened late last week. I wasn't nice to my stomach over the weekend, thus I'm getting my ass kicked (yet again). And this is a really, really bad time to be sidelined from good food. Because it's everywhere. Good food is everywhere and applesauce makes my stomach feel like the end of Spaceballs when they spoof Alien. Not nice. So, let this be a lesson to you: check dates, smell, reheat, don't drink cream or milk if it curdles on hot beverages, etc. etc. etc. I've prepared a haiku in honor of the occasion:

in the House of Nerd
an unwanted guest lingers
flush summer away