water is necessary

Sorry for the absence of late. Had to be done. Couldn't be avoided. Was at a work shin-dig/conference last week and hanging out before that with the sis. I'm now safely ensconced in Washington (though not for much longer) and plan on a bit of yard work a bit later today.

So, some things I learned from the conference:
  • CEOs and CIOs can cry... and not simply due to poor or exceptional earnings
  • If you want to make it anywhere in the corporate world, you must train your liver
  • The art of cussing is appreciated
  • Sales people really ARE that creepy
  • to survive, you must surround yourself with at least one buddy
  • Water is necessary yet singles one out as a sissy
  • 12:00am is considered early


Sarah said...

So does that mean you're headed onto the corp/CEO track my dear? Or is the liver not strong enough?

And what do CEOs cry about? Do their tears run green?

SuperJew said...

Hee hee, Ok so funny story about the Sarah post. That's actually me. I hadn't realized my friend was logged into my computer so I sent you a post from her login name. Oops.