lambs or goats and dames or divas

I had a very entertaining end to my week last week. So entertaining that its keepin' me goin' through this Monday morning of jacked-up WiFi (which means I can't have a change of scenery when working). Let's see here... saw the stylish and amazingly rad couple KFR and B. There was wine, hug atttttaaaaaaaaaaacks, shootin' the shit, catchin' up, and generally a very enjoyable time. THEN we got to do it again (minus the wine) the next morning at breakfast. Most excellent.

Saturday was adventure time. Went on a back road adventure to the outlet mall with an upstanding member of the BCC. We had 3 goals to accomplish: see baby lambs, stop at the menonite lady's home bakery, and return some pants/hunt for socks. While trying to make conversation with the bakery lady I mentioned the cute cute cute lambs we'd seen. "You mean the goats.".... Ummmm no, I mean the lambs. Miscommunication miscommunication miscommunication... "They're goats." I hadn't seen any goats yet and told her as much. "Those are goats outside." Ah. I finally caught up. I told her we saw lambs on the drive, but hadn't seen HER goats yet. I don't think she actually believed I knew the difference between sheep and goats. Later that evening I went to a drag show. Very entertaining. I wonder if she would have known the difference between dames and divas.

Yesterday was a lovely day of lounging, mucking about on the computer, and playing kickball. I'll just add that I kicked in the winning run. Woot!

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