Finding Golden Nuggets

Man, I miss the world where I get to use the term heteronormative (much to the amusement of some) , read books, discuss, and write. Now I must turn my attention to finding the golden nuggets of my new job. After all, you didn't see me list grading, dealing with professors who have piss poor interpersonal skills, or telling students "don't sass me" in the list of things I missed. Perhaps I should admit that I did, in fact, enjoy telling the student not to sass me... but I don't miss the need to tell them such things. Anyway, on to uncovering the golden nuggets of my new job.
1. I earned $20 while talking about wine with my boss.
2. I have a boss I can talk about wine with and the simple pleasure of Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.
3. So far they're sending me places where The Cool Kids are.

I'm okay with the list thus far.

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