As yesterday was a friend's birthday, special circumstances prevailed. I opened up the Dance Moves chest that sits patiently in the corner, collecting dust, moth balls, and dance moves best left in the late eighties and early nineties, or wherever else they came from. I think some of Bill Cosby's sweaters might be in there as well....

Shake your groove thing, in list form:
  • the running man
  • the roger rabbit
  • unnamed New Kids on the Block move
  • the shopping cart
  • the chainsaw
  • the lawn mower
  • interpretive dance
At least there was no cabbage patch, tootsie roll, or macarena. Just so we're all clear, this picture is stolen from Yale's website.


Anonymous said...

That picture is awesome. I can't even deal with how dorky Yalies are. Buffoons! No one at Harvard would EVER be that lame. ;)

hardcori said...

i hope that new kids move was the foot switch hop one for the right stuff.....with the pause that goes along with the oh oh oh- ooh.....i LOVE that move!

another kind of nerd said...

hardcori, I'd say you knew the New Kids on the Block a little too well, but I'm the one who busted out the dance move.