wouldn't you like to get away.....

Once again, Cliff emerges. That's right people. Cliff Clavin, your friend and mine. I don't know if this is a character flaw or not, but every now and again I channel Cliff. This phenomena occurs regularly enough that my assistant coach in college decided my name was entirely "too nice" for the likes of me and moved on to what she saw as more befitting nicknames. Delicacy dictates that I don't disclose most of these names (read: don't want to give anybody ideas). Cliff is among those I choose to share. So, why bring up Cliff?

Standing in our kitchen this evening, enjoying some tasty-tasty cheese and wine, I explained my love of the term "Viscosity" to R!. Not only do I enjoy the meaning of viscosity and all the different ways you could use the term, I really just like the way if feels in the mouth. Viscous. This is in complete opposition to the way the word "fruit" fits in the mouth. Go ahead... say it out loud, nobody will look, I promise... fruit. Fruit.

I don't know where these things come from people, don't ask me to explain the ramblings of my mind. But there must be other words out there that people object to. In conversations about this very same topic the word "moist" has also popped up. I know I'm not alone in my weirdness, I'm just dumb enough to admit it.


Rachel said...

it's because you're braver than the rest of us. :) I have that feeling about shoulder and soldier. you say them too many times together and not only can you not say either of them anymore, but they have both lost their meaning.

another kind of nerd said...

Interesting. Words I hadn't really paid attention to. I just thought of another word (well, country, more specifically) that's fun to say, with really punctuated enunciation... Botswana.