Corporate Vision Quest

The impetus behind my week long trip to the Bay area was twofold.
Phase I: I was to meet with Big Company to further cement relations, integrate myself into Big doings, and attend a corporate party I really had no cause to be at, considering the fact it was for the completion of a huge year-long project and I've been working for, you know, three weeks. I had two guides on this particular portion of the trip and I successfully completed the tasks laid out for me. I totally have the t-shirt to prove it.
Phase II: This particular portion of the trip commences tomorrow, ends Thursday, and is really very simple in terms of goals. I'm supposed to go around with my boss, attend some meetings, and do some work myself. Really, the whole point of phase II is to meet the other people who work with and for my boss. Problem: My boss, in fact, did not come down. Thus I embark on Phase II without a guide.

I've figured it out. My boss was never really going to come down here. This trip is, in actuality, my Corporate Vision Quest equivalent. My right of passage, if you will. I've been cast out into the strip mall wilderness of Silicon Valley with no tools for survival, save the laptop and my wits. In order to successfully return home, I must fast and meditate until my Corporate Animal Spirit appears and directs me on my path. Methinks it's pretty safe to assume that my Corportae Animal Spirit won't be a bear. While we're at it, we could probably take wolves, tigers, birds of prey, as well as any large and/or intimidating animal off the list.


Matto said...

I'm glad to see that you have incorporated the word "methinks" into your blog.

A said...

methinks your corporate spirit animal is a sea otter: resourceful yet playful

another kind of nerd said...

I love it. I can even use tools!