The Lieutenant Spider

So, I wasn't eaten by spiders last night. This morning, however, I dealt with last night's mega-spider-from-hell's Number Two man. I am a ruthless spider killer. There will be no catch-and-release if I'm dealing with it. I know, I know, spiders eat other insects you don't want hanging about the house and I've always enjoyed one of my friend's thoughts on spiders. Ahem, "It's not their fault if they're ugly." That's too damn bad.

On other topics. I've revived Curveball and made it an official staple of my Links section. This little game provided much amusement to my office-mates and I this last year. I basically abandoned it after my Big Time work was over with. The amusement one finds in this game is directly proportional the the amount of things one is avoiding.

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