path to a parallel universe

First and foremost, last night I had the best mac and cheese. Now, I'll pooh-pooh macaroni and cheese from a box until I'm blue in the face. As blue as that hideous Kraft blue box. This bit of deliciousness, however, was homemade with love and lots of cheese. We're talkin' about the perfect blend of gooey cheddar cheese and crisp baked corners and top. Brilliant. I now have the biggest hankering for some kase spaetzle... with carmelized onion.... I digress....

View from a bike:
I took my go-go-speed-racer bike out this morning to explore the surrounding wetlands. A number of images caught my attention. First, I passed a man on the path walking his ginormous cat on a leash. This cat was larger than many small dogs and I'm sure could dispatch with any manner of dog directly. Not too long after the Cat-Man, I saw two Huck Finn characters wearing overalls with no shoes, carrying fishing poles, and walking dogs. What parallel universe did that path take me into?

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