No More Hunker Down

Wow. I've been in hunker-down mode for the past week. My meals have really been quite pathetic. There is something about cooking in a new place... things must be Just So before one attempts it. Therefore, I leave it to my friends. To that end, tonight was a Rome night. Deadwood, season 3 is over and done with. We've found new entertainment. I was expecting better than I have had the last few nights. That's not saying much, however, when one takes into account the meals I've had. To that end, I present the fruits of this evening's labor..... Mmmm, roasted potatoes (thank you Dan Quayle), shrimp, etc. etc.... and we can't forget.... I love wine. Really, my love of wine is quite pathetic. Have wine, will travel. I'm quite cheap, so what I write I give a lot a thought to (though really it doesn't take that much thought). Leave your 2-Buck or 3-
Buck Chuck at home. Drink it privately, surrounded by your own embarrassment. There is plenty of good, inexpensive wine available. Don't drink that riff-raff. You're only hurting yourself, or the guests you inflict it upon. Perhaps I should divulge... I'm slightly snobish in wine selection.

On other fronts, I can't enter my bathroom without feeling as if I'll be accosted by ginourmous spiders.

So, happy Friday all... err, all 5-6 readers. My Friday (if we extend it to Thursday night) went well thus far. Cheers.. and enjoy the weather changes in store for us. Fall is coming! Yippee Skippee! I have the biggest urge to rake together a large pile of leaves and then jump Kamakaze style into them. We're 15 days away from October, the greatest month on record.


Anonymous said...

Hey, have some respect for Chuck. Only he has been bold enough to enable graduate students to stay tipsy in style for less than the cost of Pabst Blue Ribbon. The merlot totally tastes like actual wine.


Rachel said...

Yeah, I think I have to stand behind the three buck Chuck Merlot as well - it made a mean marinated lamb with rosemary. But definitely stay away from the Chardonnay. It was, to put it simply, disgusting. The red was alright, no worse than the house wine I had the misfortune to order at an Italian buffet.