"C" is not for Cookie.

I saw something very disturbing this morning while watching Sesame Street. Cookie Monster is no longer the lovable monster that eats cookies with reckless abandon, shoving blue fistfulls of cookies into his mouth all while extolling the virtues of cookies (mainly through crumbs and words like "yummy"). "D" was the letter of the day today. Everything started out swell, Cookie Monster came up with "delicious" and "delectable," he was on a roll. Then things went terribly and inextricably wrong. WRONG. He thought up another word that starts with "D". . . . "Don't."
Ahem: "'D' for Don't. Don't eat cookie. Don't eat letter of day."
I realize I'm overreacting just a tad here, but Cookie Monster saying "Don't" to a cookie really merrits some examination. I know we have an obesity problem in this country, particularly among children, but this is Cookie Monster we're talking about. Is nothing sacred? How can he be a Cookie Monster if he says "No, thanks." to cookies? What happened to "'C' is for Cookie, that's good enough for me."? I guess I'm out of the Sesame Street loop.

This is madness.

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