Miniature Strikes Again!

Oh, holy crap. I am no longer allowed to go to the farmers market, supervised or otherwise. It just never works out. My powers of resistance are really quite pathetic when confronted with such victuals. Though I can rationalize the organic strawberries, organic orange cherry tomatoes, early Gala apples, organic red and orange sweet peppers, there is one small item that takes a little more intellectual acrobatics. I bought a pie. A miniature black berry pie, to be more specific. It's the perfect size for two people, or one enthusiastic sit-down. What was I to do? Honestly? At least I had the power to resist the fresh goat cheese. Then again, it could have been that I was running low on cash... or that I already have two different kinds in the fridge....

On other fronts, I have much to do and really shouldn't be going to farmer's markets and drooling over pie. A move is in the works, among other things. As far as the pie goes, I don't get to touch it until a few things get checked off the list for today. At least I can conjure up some semblance of self-control now.

RE-Becky: Happy Birthday, kid.

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