movie dream

Last night I had a mildly bad dream cast with people from the movies (and some bit of reality).
The players:
  • Darth Vadar
  • The other bad guy from the Karate Kid (the one who says "Put him in a body bag, Johnnie!")
  • Zoe, from Firefly
  • A bunch of Sting Rays

There was running involved, escape in individual boats made out of oil barrels cut in half, and then an anit-climactic ride down the elevator as everyone clocked out of my movie dream and wouldn't pick up with the scaring and whatnot until the sequel.

Reasons for this dream in my life right now.
1. Career change in the works.
2. Move in the works. This weekend to be exact.
3. No school in the fall for the first time since pre-school.

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