I am avoiding two things right now.

1) Packing up books. This does not bode well for the future as everyone knows books are perhaps the easiest things to pack in the world. I'm afraid to look in my closet for the pre-move thinning. I believe that I'm a low-level pack-rat.... I get rid of enough crap to not fully deserve the label, though sometimes it's touch and go. Not to fear. I have hope. Today will be a banner day for the dumpster and Goodwill.

2) Andre Agassi is playing what is probably his last tennis match right now. He's losing to the 25 year-old that keeps making mistakes (though he has a 130-140 mph serve). Andre's back is just not cooperating. It's painful to watch. Still, he could win. Stay tuned.

On other fronts. The pie was pretty good. Not bad for $3. Though I would have paid #3.50 to have a little more salt in the crust. Half was consumed last night before a viewing of the delightful flick Little Miss Sunshine. Run out and see it. I had the other half this morning for breakfast with appropiately strong coffee. Mmmmm, pie.

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