200,000 and Eddie Rabbitt

I passed a monumental milestone yesterday. My car rolled over 200,000 miles... yikes! What a champion. The moment was anti-climactic at best. I thought about doing a mini-road trip, perhaps just a day trip, to make it over the 200,000 mile mark. Sometimes things don't work out the way you want. Instead, I was going home from running errands and hit the mark at a stop light. Speaking of driving, I bought some songs off of iTunes this morning (stop laughing at my buying music on the internet). I finally have the internet capabilities to download music. First up in the queue was none other than Eddie Rabbitt, "Drivin' My Life Away." So apropos.

For all those who feared I might not make it out of Thunderdome unscathed a second time, have no fear. I played some nice games of pool and observed the obsurdities of a small amount Oregon and Oklahoma fans. There were no booty comments made (at least to my face) either. So, things are looking up.

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