Quick Trips and Short Notice

Back from the Land of Strip Malls. Things to report.... what do I have to report? I know I have things to report. Lets go with highlights instead. Highlights: I was able to see the castaways (I mean the people that fled) the History department of a certain unnamed institution again. Go Ducks! I mean, Go Banana Slugs! Errr, yes, so. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Ana, Chris, and Re-Becky this last Thursday night. I had almost 4 precious hours with them (and one of their delightful cohort). This was 4 hours courtesy of the company dollar. Four hours courtesy of The Man. Four hours of good food; four hours of good wine (well not so much for me as I was driving); four hours of conversation, of laughs, of animals, of Hug Attttaaaaaaacks! You take what you can get in life. Four hours, four days, four years... I don’t know. I speak from amazingly limited experience.

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