As seen from my covert position inside the real world:

1. Big Corporation Irony - Big Corporation employs quite a diverse workforce yet does not observe Martin Luther King Day.
2. Legs associated with wines are, in fact, connected to alcohol content. I stand corrected.
3. Tech geeks do hit on unsuspecting women and then mutter things like "strike two" when they're shot down.

If you're so fortunate as to have the day off, enjoy it. Go outside, flee your normal schedule (weekend or otherwise), and by all means give the man at least 1 minute of your time. The particular phase of the Civil Rights movement that King helped shape is worth your time. And if you're so inclined, the phases that preceded it and followed it are quite interesting (dare I say more so) and important in their own right....


Cabiria said...

Oh no! I feel that I can no longer trust other things you've told me about wine. I knew that "it's made from grapes" theory of yours sounded suspect.

Dolce Vita said...

No such luck with the holiday. The school takes the day off, ergo I do "mom" work again today. (Not that I mind, but too much of a good thing and all.)

My minute of observance was when I climbed on my soapbox (which curiously, I have handy wherever I am) to argue that the private college here should observe MLK day by not holding the first day of classes today!