Lincoln Logs & Music

This latest report is one for the ages. Mark your calenders, people. Lincoln Logs & Music. Word. Err, ah, yeah. So. Lincoln Logs. I recently acquired a miniature set of Lincoln-like Logs from my brother. These things provide endless entertainment. I'm up to 4 house styles and R! recently completed his own offering, a sturdy structure indeed. There's been serious thought given to either a) finding more sets of miniature Lincoln Logs thus enabling us to build log mansions or b) purchasing the REAL Lincoln Logs. They're a much larger building material and provide more pieces in a set. Well, that and they're cool.
Musically speaking, there were some interesting comments mentioned in response to my post. I've been on a bit of a music-hunting quest, as of late. One tool my dad told me about many months ago that I never used until last night was Pandora Internet Radio. R! let me mess around with various artists on his computer last night (this was about all we could do after a most enjoyable and delectable experimental cooking session). Anyway, you chose the artist or song you enjoy and Pandora's magical workings then finds other artists/songs that match your choice in terms of style, influence, etc. I highly recommend the Johnny Cash station. R!'s found some other good ones as well. If your tastes tend more towards obscure Indie Rock, have no fear. They seem to have a good grasp on obscure artists.

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