Not exactly Jack Handy

Again, with the random thoughts.

1. Why would anyone chose to employ The Club in the protection of their car when The Club is worth more than the car itself? I ask this only because I saw this very situation on a recent walk.
2. Again, I find myself shaking my head at product names and/or descriptors. I believe R! will eventually have more to say on this subject as it was his purchase last night that prompted a giggle-fest befitting a little girls' slumber party. Perhaps you, dear reader, have blocked it out of your mind, but a previous example I brought to your attention was The Crevice Wand, a vacuum cleaner apparatus.
3. For curiosity's sake... where do you fall in the male versus female songwriter/group debate. I don't think there's an actual debate out there, but for those of you who appreciate connecting to the lyrics or sentiment of a song, can you do that when the song comes from someone of the opposite sex? I think I tend to view this much as I view curse words. It's all in the meaning behind the words and how they're expressed. The singular words themselves (or the specific subject of words) perhaps don't matter as much as the collective whole. Just curious.


kungfuramone said...

Totally. As long as the genre is something I'm into anyway, the sex of the vocalist and the sexuality of the song don't make a difference (see my enthusiasm for any song off of the Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs, which deliberately swap gender perspectives throughout.)

another kind of nerd said...

Most interesting, this Magnetic Field album you speak of. I vaguely recall a conversation about this at some point... but you're right on about the genre. I don't know that I could ever listen to say, Rammstein, even if doing so would turn me into a Bodhisattva.

Cabiria said...

I'm intrigued by the Magnetic Fields as well, have to check them out. I enjoy anything where the gender is deliberately swapped. Probably not a big surprise. Tori Amos singing Eminem is a whole different song entirely.

kungfuramone said...

The best Magnetic Fields albums are as follows:

1. Get Lost
2. The Charm of the Highway Strip
3. 69 Love Songs

All of them are well worth checking out.

hardcori said...

I like both, too. i love it when The Be Good Tanyas sing old songs that are from a male perspecitve. they are female vocals....sometimes I think recording equipment doesn't do the same kind of justice to female voices as male. this is a conspircay anatomist and I ahve discussed.
as for the club: maybe it's the use of thier car and steal-ability that the club is for. the use of their car may be more important than the monetary value, and if it's easy to steal.....who knows. i don't even know how much one of those damn things costs anyway.

another kind of nerd said...

Ah, HC, your Club comment is very astute... not to mention less snotty than my own. I'm also interested in your conspiracy theory.