and on the seventh day, They made beer....

On Sunday we made beer. The "we" being the ever-delightful Austin and Nina, Eliz, and, of course, R! and I. For those of you who are interested, the beer was a Double IPA. This one is guaranteed to knock your socks off when all is said and done. We're thinking the alcohol content will be up somewhere around 9 to 10% (insert evil laugh here). Things to keep in mind when making beer:
  • sterilization is key... I think we can all agree that's a good thing.
  • you must have Lincoln logs or coloring books around to keep people occupied... there's a lot of waiting and Rick and I only know so many dance routines.
  • "40oz. to Freedom" is a good song to kick off any beer-making playlist
  • it is better to drink beer while making beer... when you taste the wort at each particular stage of creation you can then test that against the beer in your other hand
On non-beer making fronts, I'm adding an entertaining Flickr friend to the mix of blogs. Diluvienne loves her Canon 30D (which treats her and her pictures well) and despises the anit-intellecutalism of Quebec. Methinks she's in good company with that particular feeling.

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Matto said...

Damn, that will be some serious beer. Way to go!