Dancing Queen

Last night the folks over at the BCC made me a delicious "thank-you-for-babysitting-our-cat dinner." Yes, Paola came through the time just fine and I received the "I tolerate you" high paw of approval. After said dinner and an entertaining game of "Would You Rather..." (an actual board game), C., E., and I went dancing.... 80s dancing.... hells yes.

80s Dancing Night, in list form:
  • "I don't have a phone." - C.'s response to an obviously drunk and hideously unattractive older guy who wanted her phone number. Guy's drunken response to that comment, "Neither do I!"
  • Pat - an entertaining and impressive sight to behold on a a dance floor... or stage... or speaker.
  • Sparkle Pants Lady with Cowboy Boots Man - she wore shiny/sparkly pants with a spangled shirt... he wore cowboy boots and a deep purple hat like he was Jimi Hendrix. They danced the entire night. It was awesome.
  • Dancing on stage with a pirate. Seriously. A Pirate.
  • Swing dancing (again, on stage) and being told, "I'm going to dance the panties right off you." It would have been really creepy had he not been joking (and a friend of Pat).... okay, that's still slightly skeezy.
  • "Under Pressure" by David Bowie and Queen. I love that damn song.


Cabiria said...

That was some dancing FUN. It was clearly a successful evening because I can't even remember the pirate. At a certain point my hair was blocking my view of everything though. Sparkle Pants and Cowboy Boots I definitely remember. I also recall repeatedly plotting to knock that one guy off the stage. I really just viscerally disliked him. But I would have had to involve you in the "accident" and I thought you might feel bad if he fell on someone and hurt them.

another kind of nerd said...

Yeah, I would have felt bad over the fall out, in every sense of the term. But that guy definately needed it. *Badly.*

Big Ups to Big-Time Fun! Big-Time-Dancing Fun, that is.