An Experiment

This morning I'm occupying my time with an experiment. I've published a photo on my Flickr site that will serve one purpose, and one purpose alone. This particular photo, one of Rick's and my wool-clad feet, has picked up quite a bit of traffic after less than an hour. That's right, we're attempting to chart the bounds of foot voyeurism... in a highly unscientific but entertaining way. You can view this photo in my photostream, but as long as you don't click on the photo you won't skew the results. I've added a small number of appropriate tags to cast a net, so to speak.

I'm not exactly laughing in the face of scientific method, but I don't really care about statistical reliability at the moment.


Rachel said...

nice socks

kungfuramone said...

Toying with foot fetishists! How do you sleep at night?!


another kind of nerd said...

It's a amazing I sleep at all.