a.m. coffee
Reasons why I love coffee, a list:
  • drinking it constitutes an activity unto itself, alone or with friends
  • it tastes delightful
  • it provides a nice little boost
  • I like beans
  • just when you thought it couldn't get any better, you pair it with pie (or dessert of your choice)
  • Diners, the greasy spoons that sell cheap coffee that you suck down all the same (this can also be associated with the previous item on the list)
  • in my experience, many of the best people are robust coffee drinkers


Matto said...

Great point that drinking coffee constitutes an activity unto itself. I love those type of things, like sitting on the stoop/porch, or sitting in a boat.

A said...

Imagined communities of coffee drinkers - it wasn't print capitslism all along, but coffee drinking! Sharing a virtual cup 'o joe with you!

kungfuramone said...

This is the best post ever.

Rachel said...

you're just saying that because you're a "robust coffee drinker" and you like the last line. :)

another kind of nerd said...

It is my blog, I think I should be allowed the last word, yes?