Overheard in an Airport Bar

Spending $16 on glasses of wine while waiting for flight has its advantages. One advantage of spending $16 on wine in an airport is that it totally makes up for the fact that you neglected to check the actual time of departure. What? You arrive early because you’re a recently outed Type A personality? Early is good! Early is good until you realize you’re a little over an hour off in your estimation of departure times. Thus the glasses and an entertaining hop home. Other advantages of multiple glasses of wine while waiting: successfully identifying the theme song of Beverly Hills Cop for bar seat neighbors when they were clearly pursuing the wrong path. Come on, if you’re going to make your phone ringer the theme song to Beverly Hills Cop at least have the presence of mind to remember the damn movie. Additionally, after multiple glasses of wine while sitting and reading it might be necessary to bite one’s tongue when new, younger bar neighbors repeatedly use the word “wicked” as an adjective and/or place-holder. Seriously, “wicked”? Why not throw in “smokin’” or “screamin’”, or perhaps the ever-delightful “bitchen’”? Vary your word choice, people! It is as if they moved on from inserting the word “like” at least three times into each sentence to a tasteful use of the word “wicked.”

On moderate beer and wine snobbery: I’m sorry, I know I’m a snob when it comes to beer and wine… look at where I come from. But how can you not know one of the larger British imports of beer, namely Newcastle Brown Ale? Airport bar quote: Ahem,… “Newcastle, I thought you might like it. It sounded imported.”


kungfuramone said...

E, as an educated person, you ought to know that the word is spelled "bitchin'"

I mean, as long as we're going around correcting people. :P

another kind of nerd said...

A point well made and noted. Thank you, sir.