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high-brow smore bits homemade  marshmallow

A weekend, in list form:
  • time warp cookbooks: you find recipes that call for the brains of some young hooved animal. Always entertaining.... though I've heard American butchers really just don't know how to properly extract the brain intact.
  • ladybugs: as identified by a documentary, ladybugs are "voracious carnivores," a practically unmatched predator.
  • Angela Davis: hells yes.
  • got myself a much needed shoulder massage: got myself arms that sit at two different points due to uneven relaxation. Oops. That shall be remedied.
  • smores: bring the campfire home with smores made via gas range. This is infinitely more efficient than a candle.


kungfuramone said...

Back rubs, smores and American radicalism. You're fuckin' livin' the LIFE!

Matto said...

Are those square marshmallows????

another kind of nerd said...

They were indeed square, thinly sliced marshmallows. Homemade, Matto. Homemade.