Police Blotter

I'm absolutely terrible about checking one particular email account I've had for a while. Thus I totally missed this wonderful message passed on to me from a friend and former roommate almost 2 months ago. . . bad, bad me.

And anyone who knows me also knows they can't escape stories of the Yak or the Burg. Such is life.

I present one entry of the Police Blotter for the Burg, from 30 - 31 May. My favorite one is the 12th one down....
  • A Smithson Road resident reported finding cattle in his yard.
  • A man from New York was acting strangely and refused to accept his $50 in change after all his credit cards were declined and was forced to pay cash at a Main Street business.
  • Someone smashed a car window of a vehicle parked at a Pine Streetrecreational center.
  • A large black pig was running down Wilson Creek Road.
  • An angry man accompanied by a young boy was making religious statements for several hours in front of a building on Walnut Street.
  • A concerned citizen reported that a Rainier Street resident of Kittitas was not watering or feeding three dogs.
  • A Juniper Avenue resident reported that a man came into her residence while she and her roommate were sleeping.
  • A Parke Creek Road resident was bit by a dog.
  • An argument on Seattle Street was reported.
  • A Reecer Creek Road resident reported that her neighbor was refusing to prevent his cattle from destroying her property.
  • A Walnut Street resident reported seeing a man and a woman walk into her apartment.
  • A Mellegard Road resident reportedly suffered eye and leg lacerations after her sister punched and threw her down in a dispute over property.
  • Someone drove away without paying for $63.36 in gas pumped at a Canyon Road business.
  • A Robinson Canyon Road resident reported finding five horses in her yard and another seven were on Thorp Highway.
  • An officer unwrapped a puppy that was tangled and choking on its leash on Second Street in Cle Elum.
  • A domestic dispute involving a man on top of a car parked on McDonald Road was reported.
  • A group of people were arguing on Third Avenue.

You can't make this stuff up, people.


Rachel said...

This is hilarious... and SO Ellensburg. well, especially the environs, really. No. 5 is my personal favorite. :)

kungfuramone said...

I'm just disappointed that none of them use the phrase "a-hootin' and a-hollerin'" I bet a lot of hootin' and hollerin' goes on in the Yak.

The Bandit said...

Should I be concerned that your favorite one has to do with punching and throwing down your sister?

Matto said...

Who thought there would be so much to report in "Palm Springs?"