beach fun


Huzzah! Some wonderful friends came down to Orygun last weekend and I had the great pleasure of meeting them beach-side. Given my work schedule and general lack of time off, many moons passed and many conversations were held over the phone since I last saw them. Too long since I saw them, too short a visit.

Also seen this weekend... Blades of Glory at the $1.50 theater. It was uh....., funny and entertaining. Basically a terrible, funny movie. The unusual level of laughter from a gentleman seated behind us at inappropriate points (meaning, nothing in the realm of funny was happening on-screen) confirmed our interpretation. Blades of Glory is perhaps one of the gayest homophobic movies ever made. The dude behind us had the crazy laugh of a highly suppressed man and made sure to leave a seat between him and his buddy. And I must leave it at that for someone to tell me otherwise as I have to go to work.


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