4th of July Hangover

Make no mistake, at no point was alcohol consumed yesterday. The hangover, perhaps coma is a bit more apropos, was the product of ingesting crap in vast quantities throughout the afternoon yesterday. Ruffles with ranch dressing were the main instigator. The banana pudding with Nilla wafers certainly helped move things along. Perhaps we were all close to a diabetic coma? Looking back on it, those were the only two things that were really out of the norm. Hmmmm..... methinks there's so much crap in today's food we're all a candy bar away from Supersize Me.

In other new, the BCC and I have had two (count them, one. two.) movie viewings in the last two days. We went and saw Waitress on Tuesday night and Sicko yesterday. They were both quite good. Waitress, on so many levels, was fantastic.

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