Praying Mantis + Basil

mini praying mantis

It seems that I have a new neighbor.... a baby praying mantis has taken up residence on my patio. This lil' thing loves to eat the basil. Really, who can blame it? I'd love to keep the tiny insect around, I just don't want it to eat my basil. I'm open to suggestion.

In other news, you can go to the web and vote for Springfield, Oregon, to host the opening of The Simpson's Movie. Do it.


Trust in Steel said...

Tasty treats for the insect! Have a good 4th and give my regards to those at the BCC.

The Bandit said...

Maybe he is I-talian.

boxfactoryboy said...

I think he saw the mark on the door left by the moths....you know...this one is a soft touch! Free Food Here!!! I think you could have worse neighbors though.