holy leopard print, batman!
Phew. I'm back. That was one serious week down in the Bay. The hotel had leopard print bath robes and tiger-striped carpet. Uh, yeah.... They also had a hosted wine hour each and every evening. The international people I was with the whole time all jokingly scheduled 5:00pm meetings each and every night. Yikes! The business portion of my trip went well, a sort of total immersion into the regional end of things. I even spotted Mr. CEO while in the main HQ building. It was from a distance, so he didn't see me. If he had, he would have immediately recognized my genius and offered me his position. Such is life.

The fun side of the trip was fantastic. Not only did I get to meet a whole bunch of people that I ostensibly work with, I got to see C., B., and A.! Marvelous. A. was in fine form. She and J. provided soooooo much gooooooooood food I thought I might burst. Luckily the Hug Attaaaaaaacks took place before the main Feast.
beginnings of the feast
I don't know how they did it, but they managed to BBQ cheese! Straight ON the grill! It was so delicious. Oooh, I also received word from A. that there would be updates to her blog once her big-time-smarty-pants test was over and done with.

Big thanks to C. and J. for picking me up from the airport last night!

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Trust in Steel said...

Sounds like another wondrous feast!